Jesus Procession of the Great Power Quito

Jesús Procession of the Great Power Quito

Quito - Ecuador
Quito – Ecuador


The procession Jesus of the Great Power in Quito is a great act of faith and atonement for sins. Where the images of the cornets, the veronicas and the Roman soldiers will continue for many more years, because without them you can not talk about the procession of Holy Friday.

Who are and who represent the veronicas?

These penitents play an important role in the procession of Jesus of the Great Power of Good Friday in Quito, they represent the women of Jerusalem who wept as Jesus was finally taken to the place where he was crucified. Veronicas usually dress in black, as a sign of mourning. They always carry some canvases, representing the woman who wiped Jesus’ face.

Why are Romans in the procession?

These are the bad guys of the procession, because they are the ones who are behind Jesus, usually with whips. They represent the torturers of Jesus. The representation of the Roman soldier is key to the passion and death of Christ.

During the procession characteristic characters as they appear:

They wear purple robes and wear hoods to cover their heads, walking barefoot and carrying batons.

  • Santos Varones:

penitents are dressed in white garments that carry on their shoulders rests the chest where the body of Jesus Christ crucified.

  • María Magdalena:

The penitent woman who accompanied the casket of Jesus Christ and mourns his death.

The procession ends at approximately three o’clock in the afternoon, when the death of the Lord and the descent is done at six o’clock. In many churches there is the ceremony of the Seven Words and the impressive ceremony of the descent in which the priest, from the pulpit, tells how the holy women and a group of Apostles was in charge of burying Christ.

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