Cuyabeno A Real Paradise

Cuyabeno a Real Paradise



Cuyabeno Wildlife Center is located in the Province of Sucumbíos, in the northeast of the Amazonian Region of Ecuador. It is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, together with the Yasuní National Park.

This place with great biodiversity, home to one of the largest concentrations of wildlife, both in flora and fauna. It is composed of 14 lagoons, rivers and a tropical forest with 603,000 hectares which makes it one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world.
Cuyabeno has more than 550 different species of birds, 60 species of orchids; 350 species of fish; a great variety of reptiles such as anacondas, caimans and river turtles. An estimated 12,000 plant species within the reserve. And many species of mammals, including the incredible Tapir.
The Reserve is also home to rare species, such as the mythical pink river dolphin, the Hoatzin or eagle, with its wing opening of more than two meters.


The great Amazonian mammals are present: the lowland tapir, two species of deer, jaguars and pumas, manatees, the giant otter, the monkeys are represented by 10 species, while rodents and bats are represented by dozens of species.
The current number of bird species recorded is the subject of debate, some claiming 530 species, while others suggest that more than 580 species have been seen, but no one knows for sure that there is no official record.

Boa Arcoiris

Tropical forest, with rainfall between 3,000 and 4,000 mm3 per year, and humidity between 85 and 95%. December Shamana March has a marked dry season; the rainy season goes from April to July, and from August to November the rain is moderate. The annual temperature oscillates around 25 ° C.


The healers Siona, Secoya and Cofán are respected and admired by other communities in the jungle for their immense wisdom. Thousands of years of history and knowledge are well guarded by these healers. They learned from their predecessors and will transmit it to new generations.

Shaman – Siona Community


The Canton Cuyabeno is the only one that encompasses the five indigenous communities.

• Shuar: It is found in the Charap and Teikiuae centers with a population of 200 people. For Shuar plants, animals and men have spirits that can be masculine or feminine.

• Kichuas: It is located near the mouth of the Cuyabeno River in the Aguarico. For the Kichuas there are three spaces: the Janan, is the spiritual; the Kay Pacha, the nature in which man lives; the Uku Pacha inside; the Jawa Pacha, the spirits are the stars and the Gods.

• Sionas: Located in several centers in the courses of the rivers: Tarapuy, Cuyabeno and Aguarico. For the Siona, Ñañe (God) created people at various times. Formerly the Shaman was considered a Yai (Tiger); who had the power to control nature through the ceremony of the Yaje.

• Cofán: It is located near banks of Cuyabeno. This commune occupies the banks of the Aguarico River. It was formed in the years 1979 and 1984

• Secoya: They are located on the banks of the Cuyabeno River, their language is Paicoca, they use traditional and practical medicine.

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