Solsticio Inti Raymi o Fiesta Del Sol



It is the largest festival of the four festivities (SOLSTICIO, INTI RAYMI O FIESTA DEL SOL); of the Ecuadorian Andean world; in which tribute is paid to the: “Taita Inti” or Father Sun; for all the crops allowed during the year, offering various forms of thanks for the favors received.
It is celebrated June 21 throughout the Andes; and each place has its form of celebration, especially in the province of Imbabura.

Inti Raymi is one of the 4 annual festivals of the Andean calendar:

  • Inti Raymi.- Feast of fecundity of mother earth, it is the festival of sun and light (June 21).
  • Kulla Raymi.- Cult of the fertility of mother earth, celebrated in autumn equinox (September 21).
  • Kapak Raymi.- Royal Festival dedicated to germination, celebrating the masculinity of the universe (December 21).
  • Pawkar Raymi.- Feast of the Pachamama, rebirth and flourishing of life (March 21)
    This festival has a very important meaning for the Andean world as well as religious celebrations for the Western world. It is considered the largest celebration of the Andes. Having an important place in the culture of indigenous peoples. This is because it is the time of the maturation of the fruits of the Pachamama “Mother Earth”; for which there is a participation; of all communities in the crops that are seen throughout the region.Being a traditional indigenous festival, each ethnic group and each community has a date and a time of celebration. While several communities begin on June 22 with ritual bathing in rivers, springs and sacred waterfalls, others await the arrival of the appropriate day and time to start their festivities.

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