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Guagua Pichincha 4784 m
Guagua Pichincha 4784 m

Acclimatization 14 days: Guagua Pichincha-Pasochoa-Iliniza Norte-Quilotoa-Cotopaxi-Otavalo-Chimborazo-Mindo-Cuyabeno

The meeting point for acclimatization 14 days will be in our offices where we verify with our guide the technical team that we will use for the tour, Once the equipment is reviewed, we will have a technical talk about the climatic conditions of the mountains, the equipment to be used and the different heights we will be in.

Day 1: Guagua Pichincha

After the talk and review of the technical team for the tour; we leave for the Guagua Pichincha volcano at 4784 m.s.m. this is 12 km from Quito. We arrive at the parking lot where we will take the equipment for the activity. Then we will start the ascent attempt (it will depend on the weather). We descend and take a short break to go to the hotel (hotel not included).

Day 2: Pasochoa

We start in the morning after breakfast to take the transport and head towards the Pasochoa volcano at 4199 m.s.n.m, 45 km from Quito. We arrive at the parking lot to start the ascent attempt (it will depend on the weather). After the activity, we took a short break to go to the hotel.

Day 3: Iliniza Norte

We start very early for breakfast and then head towards the north Iliniza at 5126 m.s.n.m. It is located 98 km southwest of Quito. Once the equipment is verified, we head towards the parking lot of the north Iliniza and then go for a walk of approximately 3 hours until we reach the refuge, where we can take a break. To then start the summit attempt (this depends on the weather). We made the descent to the parking lot to take the transport and go to the resting place in Machachi.

Day 4: Full Day Quilotoa

After having breakfast we take the transport to visit the Quilotoa Lagoon at 3914 masl, on the way to the lagoon we can see the indigenous market of Saquisilí, Pujilí or Zumbahua (this will depend on the day) and the Toachi River canyon, We arrive at the parking lot where after the guide’s instructions we will go to the lagoon where we can take walks to the center of the crater, at the end of the walk we return to the parking lot to go to lunch. We take the transport that will take us to our place of lodging.

Day 5 and 6: Cotopaxi

With the help of the guide, we will realize the glacier school, this will depend on the climate. We will have dinner and we will rest to attack the mountain in the early hours of the morning. Once the summit attempt has been made (this will depend on the climate) we return to the refuge to have breakfast. We will descend towards the parking lot for the return to Quito.

Day 7: Otavalo
Acclimatization 14 days - Otavalo
Acclimatization 14 days – Otavalo

In the morning we will take the transport to go to the north of the country and visit the Quitsato Solar Clock located 47 km from Quito. Following the route, we arrive at Cayambe, in this place we can observe the elaboration of the traditional biscuit (a type of traditional biscuit of the zone).
At the next stop, we will observe the imposing landscape of Imbabura with a height of 4610 m.s.n.m and the viewpoint of Mira Lago, the next point to visit will be the largest Indigenous Market in America called Plaza de Ponchos where you can observe and make purchases of local crafts.
We continue with the adventure and visit the Laguna de Cuicocha, where we took a walk to get to know the place. At the end of the walk, we return to the transport to go to Cotacachi and have lunch. In Cotacachi, we can visit the shops that make clothing and other products based on animal leather. We return to Quito.

Day 8-9: Chimborazo

We leave from Quito with the guide and the technical team to the Chimborazo volcano with a height of 6310 m.s.n.m. The trip will take us around 5 hours. During the trip, we will stop for lunch. With the transport, we will arrive until the parking lot that is next to the first shelter at a height of 4850 m.s.n.m From this point, we make a 45-minute walk until we reach the second refuge at a height of 5000 m.s. At this point, we rest and complete the glacier school with the help of the guide, before dinner. Once the dinner was over, we went to rest.

The attack to the summit we started around 11 at night, for the attack to the mountain or summit attempt (depends on the weather) we need around 7 to 8 hours. The descent will take us around 3 or 4 hours during which we will be able to observe the splendor of the Andes. We return to Quito.

Day 10: Mindo

Mindo, a beautiful valley that is 96 km from Quito, is located behind the slopes of the Pichincha volcano. In this place, we can find extensive biodiversity and adventure sports. Once in the cloud forest of Mindo, we will visit the butterfly garden and the feeders of the hummingbirds; Take your camera. You can continue the adventure in the Canopy; in a network of surrounding cables that range from 20 to 400 meters each with more adventure than the previous one; ideal for adventurers of all ages. After these activities, we went to lunch. Return to Quito.

Day 11: Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve

Quito-Lago Agrio you can take the flight from Quito the same day and it will take around 45 min or travel by bus in which you must take the previous night and travel around 8 hours, from Lago Agrio our transport will pick you up to go to the bridge of the Cuyabeno River, this transfer will take around 2 hours. Once on the bridge, we took the motorized canoe to go to our Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge camp, rested for a short time and went to lunch. After lunch, we went to the assigned rooms. In the afternoon we will go to the Laguna Grande where we can observe the sunset which will be accompanied by a magical combination of colors. We return to the lodge for dinner and rest.

Day 12: Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve

After breakfast, we will take the canoe to go to a 3-hour hike in the primary forest, where together with the guide we will learn about the fauna and flora of the place. Including lessons on the use of medicinal plants for survival, We return to the lodge to have lunch and rest. In the afternoon we visit Laguna Grande again and on the return, we will look for alligators. We had dinner and we went to rest.

Day 13: Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve

After breakfast, we take the canoe for 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the Siona indigenous community, where we will learn more about their traditions and customs for the preparation of their food.
We can meet the Shaman who will let us know his knowledge about ancestral medicine and Shamanism.
We return to the Lodge for dinner and for a night walk where we can observe a variety of nocturnal animals, Important to bring a flashlight.

Day 14: Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve

In the early hours of the morning, we do the bird watching and we will be able to observe at sunrise in the Laguna Grande, We take breakfast to then take our things and go to the canoe which will not take us back to the Cuyabeno River bridge where we will be waiting for the transport for the transfer to the city of Lago Agrio.
The return to Quito can be done by plane or bus.

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Inside Polar Gloves
  • Wool Hat
  • Extra Water
  • Sun Cream
  • Extra Energy Drinks; Snacks


Chimborazo Volcano 6310 m
Chimborazo Volcano 6310 m

Chimborazo Climbing is the more highest mountain in Ecuador, you can join us in this adventure and enjoy the heights of this colossus.

Departure days: Any day minimum of 2 people

Price per person: $330

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Day 1

Guagua Pichincha

• Pick up at 7:00am • Transfer to Guagua Pichincha • Short briefing (climate conditions / equipment explanation / height conditions) • Begin ascent • Lunch • Reach summit • Return to Quito to your Hotel No include the Hotel.

Day 2


• Pick up at 07:00 am • Travel to Pasochoa • Short briefing (climate conditions / equipment explanation / height conditions) • Begin ascent • Reach summit • Lunch and return to Quito

Day 3

Northern Ilinizas

• Pick up at 7:00 am • Check the equipment • Leave from the Lodge to Northern Iliniza • Begin ascent • Lunch • Reach the summit • Accommodation at “Llovisna” Lodge

Day 4


• Pick up at 07:00 am • Leave towards Saquisili / Pujili / Zimbahua Indian markets (it depends on the day) • Depart to an indigenous hut followed by depart to Quilotoa Lagoon • Arrive to Quilotoa followed by trek around the crater • Lunch • Arrive to Tigua community • Return towards Quito

Day 5 and 6

Cayambe Volcano

• Intro to Cayambe Coca reserve followed by lunch at the refuge • Equipment check followed by practice on glaciers (depends on weather) • Dinner, sleep, wake up; begin climbing. • < Reach summit • Return to refuge to have breakfast • Departure to Quito

Day 7


Driving north of Quito is the most famous indigenous market of Ecuador: Otavalo, full of traditions and handcrafts. Before arriving to this magic place, you will visit Calderon, a small town famous for “Mazapan” handicrafts. Following the route is Cayambe, the perfect place to see how people prepare biscuits using a traditional technique. Next stop will be a view point to enjoy the landscape of Imbabura volcano (4610 mts.) and San Pablo lagoon. Your next and most anxious spot will be Otavalo market, where you will spend time shopping and some quality time with your friends. You will fall in love with all variety of handicrafts. Then you will go to Cotacachi to have a delicious lunch and explore the leather local work shops for a great landscape ending at Cuicocha´s view point.

Day 8


Departure from Quito at 9:00 am with his guidance, we go south for approximately five hours to reach the first hut on Chimborazo located at 4800 m. After lunch, we'll walk from this point with the whole team at 5000m to reach the second evacuation center and undergo a training course glacier with a guide before dinner and a short break to 11 hours.

Day 9


We rise from 7 to 8 hours at the summit will begin at approximately 12:00 a.m., the Whymper summit is located at 6,310 m. In our reduction of approximately three to four hours, enjoy beautiful views of the Andes. We return to Quito at 4 pm.

Day 10


Mindo is a beautiful valley located 2 hours northwest of Quito, behind the Pacific slopes of the Pichincha volcano. This place has a lot of nature and adventure activities. We offer a good mixture of both to give you the best experience. Once you arrive in Mindo´s cloud forest will visit a Butterfly farm and Hummingbird feeders, don´t forget your camera. The adventure continues with the Canopying with 13 zip lines of different lengths that range from 20 to 400 mts and with different characteristics for all adventure seekers of all ages. If you prefer a another activity, we also have another option of trekking across the cloud forest to visit a waterfall and a ride in a “Tarabita”(Cable tram). After all these exciting activities will break for lunch. Afterwards will leave Mindo towards Quito but first will visit another special spot to view hummingbirds, butterflies and posibibly we can spot some Tanagers and Toucans.

Day 11

Cuyabeno Reserve

Quito –Lago Agrio – El Puente: Flight (10:30 – 20 mins.) or bus ride (one day before – 8 hour ride) to Lago Agrio. Drive from Lago Agrio to El Puente. Afternoon: canoe trip down the Cuyabeno River to our camp site. Night: dinner and exiting night walk.

Day 12

Cuyabeno Reserve

Cuyabeno River: Morning: three hour hike in the primary forest to learn about flora and fauna, including lessons in the use of plants for survival. Late afternoon: Relax, piranha fishing, sunset at Laguna Grande with a chance for some refreshing swimming and caiman (alligator) searching.

Day 13

Cuyabeno Reserve

Cuyabeno River: Morning: An hour and a half boat ride down the river to a Siona indigenous community to interact and learn about their traditions and customs by making some local food. After a visit to a shaman to learn about his secrets and ancestral knowledge of shamanism. At night we enjoy watching hundreds of different insects coming to special lamps connected to solar system to attract them.

Day 14

Cuyabeno Reserve - Quito

El Puente – Lago Agrio – Quito: Early morning: Bird watching Breakfast: journey up Cuyabeno River to El Puente. Drive to Lago Agrio (arrive in Lago Agrio in the afternoon). Flight or bus ride back to Quito.
  • Transportation from Quito to all volcanoes and way back
  • Professional Bilingual Guide (ASEGUIM certification)
  • Climbing equipment, plastic climbing boots, crampons, ice axe, climbing harness, outside gloves,rope, gaiters)
  • All the meals in the tour, Breakfas and Dinner for 2 first days
  • Accommodation at “Llovisna” lodge and Jose Rivas refugio. 3 Nigths the Hotel
  • Start
    Group (Min-Max)
  • Start
    Group (Min-Max) 1 Pax -