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Galapagos Tours



Check out the best options of tours to the Galapagos Islands, with our expert Team to fulfill your Dream Trip.

Select our Cruice Tours, Land Tours and Diving Experiences below

Galapagos Cruice

Live-aboard Cruces is the best experience to explorer of biodiversity of the Galapagos Island allows you visit remote Islands and sites that you cannot get on a normal o full day trip

Galapagos land tours

Known as island hopping, sleeping in hotels on the islands and visiting the tourist attractions of the main islands on daily excursions, you have more flexibility and freedom to get to know the islands and start your program from 1 person on any day.

Galapagos diving

If diving is your thing, we offer a number of places where you can practice, this can be to learn, daily tours and naturalist cruises, explore the Galapagos marine reserve.



What can you expect on your Galapagos Tour ? 
A dream trip in the Galapagos Islands, we are a local Ecuadorian company with staff that knows the islands and we will accessorize your trip, our goal is that you know its main attractions in the shortest time possible, navigable tours in cruises that go according to your budget, land tours of the main islands and if adventure is your thing our diving tours as day tours or naturalist cruises.



It is a Natural Laboratory, volcanic formation makes us understand the stages of formation of the earth and that plants adapt, develop and evolution, are part of the vast majority of the territory in National Park and Marine Reserve, unique landscapes, its beaches with white sand, the place can be visited throughout the year for its good weather, surfing in Tourga Bay, diving in Wolf, walking in lava tunnels, next to giant turtles, walking in the city with sea lions, iguanas that look like small dinosaurs, and much more you can do in the enchanted islands or Darwin’s islands.



CURRENCY: The main currency in Galapagos is the dollar.

ATM:The ATM is limited,  particularly on Isabela Island, we recommend that you travel with cash cover your daily expenses, The shops accept credit cards, but this is not guaranteed.

Galapagos Baggage: Galapagos Flights allow 1 luggage up to 20kg (44lb) and 1 carry on up to 7 kg (15lb).

Negative PCR Test: A negative PCR test hours before the trip with laboratories recognized by the government of Galapagos or from July 1st a complete COVID 19 vaccination card is mandatory.

Payments when traveling to the Galapagos Islands.


Galapagos National Park Entrance: The entrance to the Galapagos National Park must be done when arriving to the islands in cash, they do not accept credit card payments.

Ingala Card: The card must be buy at the airport boarding can be in Quito or Guayaquil, is paid only once, and must be carried with me all the time on the islands and upon return.

Airport Bus – Itabaca Channel – It is a bus that connects the island of Baltra with the Itabaca Channel to cross to Santa Cruz Island, tickets are sold at the airport.

Taxi Boats: These are small boats that take you from the port to the boats for the different tours, they are usually used for daily tours.

Entrance to Isabela. The visit to Isabela Island has a cost that is paid in cash when visiting this island.

Help us conserve the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Island eco-system is very sensitive.

Do not leave garbage on the islands or in the sea.

Do not bring food to the islands.

Do not buy souvenirs made from plants or animals.

Follow the marked trails and the instructions of your guide.

Do not feed animals and do not get to close.

Never remove any plants, animals or natural objets.