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Aclimatization Cerro Fuya Fuya

aclimatación Cerro fuya fuya
Aclimatación – Cerro Fuya Fuya

The Fuya Fuya Acclimatization tour is ideal for mountaineering enthusiasts who find themselves every year in the elevations of Ecuador and start their big steps in the mountains here. Afterwards they go to bigger mountains like Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Cayambe or Sangay, in the Fuya Fuya we have several attractions, we will be able to make summit, to know the lagoon that we have in the low part.

But before traveling to much higher mountains, it is important to make a previous acclimatization, to achieve the goal of reaching their summits. The most optimal and recommended is the environment in mountains of lower altitude and very easy with super easy hikes we have the Cerro Fuya -Fuya.

This Cerro is located near the Mojanda lagoon, just past the town of Pedro Moncayo, 17 km south of Otavalo. It has an altitude of 4290 m. Its name specified from the Kichwa language Fuyu, which means “cloud”, this is due to its peaks that are usually covered with thick clouds.

Activities in the Cerro Fuya Fuya

Those who decide to undertake this incredible adventure in the Ecuadorian Andes should be prepared for sudden changes in the weather. Clothing, equipment, hydration and adequate food are essential on this trip. Near the complications there are other natural attractions such as the waterfalls of Taxopamba or the lagoons of Mojanda, where various adventure tourism activities are practiced, very beautiful places. The Fuya Fuya allows adventurers to practice various types of mountaineering.

To reach the highest point of the Mojanda knot, you can take one of the three trails that lead to the summit, cross a steep and short meadow, and then cross the rocky segments until you reach the summit, where you can contemplate the beautiful Mojanda lagoon and admire the nearby elevations such as Cayambe, Imbabura and Cotacachi, from the summit we will have a spectacular view.

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