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Ilinizas North (Any day minimum 2 tourists)

ILINIZAS NORTH (Any day minimum 2 tourists) If you ask us which is the best mountain for acclimatization, without a doubt we say…


Rumiñahui Hike

RUMIÑAHUI HIKE Eye of stone as would be his translation from the Quechua language, it is an inactive volcano, named after a rocky…


Corazon Volcano Enjoy tours 1 day

WALKING ACLIMATIZATION – CORAZON VOLCANO ENJOY TOURS 1 DAY Volcan Corazón has a height of 4790 meters above sea level and is an…

From $130.00 $99.00

Guagua Pichincha Volcano

WALKING ACLIMATIZATION – GUAGUA PICHINCHA VOLCANO The lovers of mountaineering each year find in the elevations of the equator the perfect place to…

From $120.00 $89.00

Imbabura Volcano Beautiful Adventure

WALKING ACLIMATIZATION – IMBABURA VOLCANO BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURE The Imbabura Volcano is a volcano located in the province of the same name in Ecuador,…

From $130.00 $99.00

Cerro Fuya Fuya The best Option 1 day

ACLIMATIZATION CERRO FUYA FUYA THE BEST OPTION 1 DAY The Fuya Fuya Acclimatization tour is ideal for mountaineering enthusiasts who find themselves every…

From $130.00 $99.00
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